Studio Memberships

Support Darby's Dancers

Darbys’ Dancers relies on the membership and volunteers of dance studios, parents and the community. The National DD Organization is committed to providing the best programs possible to help our dancers grow and excel in their physical, social, and emotional development. We require no minimum of children with special needs to get started and enroll your studio as a member.

Your memberships are designed to help and provide as many of the tools that are needed to grow and nurture any Studio Member’s Darby’s Program.

Membership means being included in all parts of Darby's Dancers

Darby’s Dancers is not just a dance class, but a part of a movement to include all children, regardless of special needs, race, sex, or any other way to subcategorize a person. We believe in changing the world and how the world views inclusion and community.

Dance Studio Membership Options

All Studio Members will receive recognition as part of the national organization which promotes the participation in the performing arts by children and young adults with diverse learning needs.

Please contact us if you would like to talk through membership details. You’ll get to speak directly with Valerie Jones, Co-founder, to answer any and all of your questions regarding Darby’s Dancers.


  • Gold Membership Plan
  • Member Only Resources
  • National member as a 501(c)(3)
  • Direct-to-Parent Support
  • Virtual Workshop
  • 15% Discount on Apparel
  • Annual Memberships

Studio Enrollment Form

  • A dance studio willing to donate studio space and a teacher one hour a week
  • Dance education classes will be taught through the studio’s outlets (in the studio and/or online) by a certified dance instructor
  • Recruit teen volunteers permitted to assist participants

A formal agreement that all parties agree to conduct selves in a professional and respectful manner regarding each child and their family with safety being the top priority.

Dance Studio has an annual fee of $495.00

  • One teenage volunteer for each special needs dancer
  • A person to coordinate your fund-raising efforts
  • A communication coordinator between the national organization, dance studio and the participants

  • Pay annual membership dues on-time
  • Ensure dance participants are registered and paid on-time