New Horizons for 2023

The team at Darby’s Dancers National in Hunsville, AL have been working hard to streamline the process of starting and maintaining a Darby’s Dancers chapter in your local dance studio. Like any other business, we have struggled through the pandemic, but things are really looking up now as we approach the 2022-2023 dance season.  We are welcoming back several studios who could not participate during the pandemic and opening our arms to several new chapters.  We are working with leaders with Special Olympics to bring new dance opportunities for our dancers and are looking forward to our first competitions in Salt Lake City in November.  We are assembling a new team of volunteers to help us better serve our clients.  Darby’s famous saying, “Be brave like me”, resonates though our studios, convention halls, our home office and all around the country as we all bravely take on our new challenges as we strive to be the best we can be in 2023!